Helping those in need with the right technology

Coding for those in need is a non-profit organization that promotes technological innovation for relief and development projects. aims to support and/or assist individuals or organizations to design, use or disseminate software, mobile apps, web based applications and new technologies for humanitarian actions and to promote a sound use of these tools.

Working together for better solutions

What can we offer

Mobile solutions

We help individuals and small organisations to develop and/or use mobile solutions; we organise trainings, sensitisation campaign, set up mobile data collection tools and RFL app where it is the most needed

Web Development

Developing a web-site or web-based application is sometimes difficult for a small NGO; we can assist in designing, developing, coding a maintaining any web based application.

Coup de coeur

Some ideas can make a difference, with a little help beautiful projects can emerge. Focusing on the impact on those affected by a disaster, we offer a technical help to come up with solutions

  • Which kind of projects are we supporting?

    Innovative ideas can make a real difference in the field whatever the context. We will do our best to support projects, in Europe or anywhere in the world, that contribute effectively to making humanitarian assistance more efficient

    We are result oriented and strongly believe that well designed tool is simple to use and to maintain!

    We cannot, unfortunately, support as many projects as we want but we always do our best to provide guidance and technical support...

  • Submit a project?

    many project that we support come from people we meet in the field; but we try to keep our eyes open to great ideas:

    If you have this idea, just submit a concept note by email and we will guide you through the process

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    Projects are reviewed on a regular basis by a committee made of IT experts and humanitarian workers based on the innovativeness of the project, needs and the expected impact.

    Keep in mind the provides supported projects with technical assistance and support, training, guidance and expertise but does not give grants.

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